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Armani 80’s Faded Blue Denim Cropped Bomber Jacket


We all know Armani but for a lot it’s questionable how he ever became that big, but that’s only if you see it from this point of time. Armani is one of the most successful designers of all time! His work on different silhouettes of jackets is insane, and if you dig into it, you will understand why. Here we have a all-over faded denim bomber jacket with a slight crop on the back so recommendable to wear it cropped/boxy. Furthermore, this jacket has two buttoned side pockets and a cuffed hem, collar and sleeves. Definitely  a low-key flex for vintage items but yet so beautiful.

100% Denim Cotton

Main Zip Closure

Two Buttoned Chest Pockets

Faded Denim All-over

Cuffed Hem, Sleeves & Collar

Boxy Model

From Around the Late 80s

Made in Italy

Size: 46 – Fits a Medium (Please Refer to Measurements)

P2P: 59cm

Length: 63cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 61cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 49cm

Condition: C

This jacket is in a really good condition but has signs of wear and that’s why we give this jacket condition ‘C’. Due the wear the denim has been nicely faded so in our opinion it makes the whole even better.

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