Armani 80s Off White Cropped Jacket


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This jacket is one of the better pieces Giorgio Armani made in the past! A beautiful cropped fit what is now-a-days populair to style and perfect for layering purposes. The contrast stitching the hick zippers and the quilted stitching are remarkable for the design of the piece!

65% Cotton

35% Polyester4

Offwhite Color

Boxy & Cropped Silhouette

Thick Main Down Zipper

Foldable Hood

Guilted Stitching On The Arms

Zipped Sleeves

Low Crop Near Armpits

Onner Inner Pocket

Stretchy Waist

From The 80s

Made In Italy

Size: 42 – Fits A Large (Please Refer To Measurements)

P2P: 62cm

Length: 63cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 62cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 41cm

Condition: B-

Considering its age, this jacket is in a good condition but has some discoloration on some spots and some minor dirt marks on several places. This doesn’t botter the pleasure of wearing!