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Balenciaga ’14 Criss-Crossed Bomber


In a novel texture of neoprene, more commonly used for scuba wear, imprinted with criss crosses, this incredibly boxy fitted bomber is in an eye-catching hue of florescent yellow highlighter. Minimal and simple in form, with two unique characteristics (print and colour), this piece when layered can add a sporty touch to your fit, edging it out a bit. 

74% Polyester


8% Elastane

Neoprene Texture

Imprinted Pattern

Two Front Slit Pockets

Boxy Fit


Marked a size M

P2P: 56cm

Length: 55cm

Outseam Sleeve: 74cm
Inseam Sleeve: 42cm

Condition: B

In really good condition, little to normal signs of wear

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