Balenciaga F/W’17 Wool Bow Tie Cropped Bomber Jacket


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Demna’s building of an identity for Balenciaga has happened at such a speed that there’s already a whole inventory of recognizable things the house “owns.” Seeing a pair of skintight pointy stiletto boots, a forward-sloping tailored jacket or coat, a cheesy retro floral dress, or one of his giant striped Bazaar market bags will provoke instant Pavlovian brand recognition. The ultimate art, however, is the teasing out of ideas over time, varying and adding. 

What comes more to the fore here is Demna’s knack for applying social observation and the inspiration of ordinary everyday objects to his design. In one clever instance, it’s the mere idea of a knotted headscarf, which gets deployed as tied necklines, minor to major, on everything from frilly baby bonnet hoods to jean jackets to vast padded ski jackets.

This particular jacket features a black, wool silhouette with a bow tie wrap-around scarf, cuffed hems and a highly cropped silhouette. Rather beautiful yet high quality crafted

91% Wool / 9% Elastane

Black omber Silhouette

Wrap-Around Bow Tie At Neck

Cuffed Hem & Sleeves

Buttoned Front Pockets

Circle Cutter Back 

By Demna

From Pre Fall 2017

Mace In Italy

Size: IT40 Fits EU38 (Please Refer To Measurements)

P2P: 49cm

Length: 54cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 64cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 39cm

Condition: B

This jacket is in a really good condition with small signs of wear. There is some fraying around the neck. No damages!