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Balenciaga Pre-Fall ’14 Techno Couture Minidress


Yup, it’s tight af but man, you’ll be catching eyes left and right. The variation in B&W patterns are stacked atop each other, with precise matching proportions on the sleeves too. This is a prime example of 21st-century performancewear that was introduced to Balenciaga during this time, using modern materials and essentialistic form. Fast-forward to today, they’ve taken up bootlegging and maximalism but it’s part of the process, establishing them furthur as a relevant institution of fashion presently. How? By using edginess as a knife to cut into young hearts

100% Polypropylene 

Mock Neck


Mini Dress Length

Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Made in France

Marked a size 36

P2P: 41cm

Length: 77cm

Outseam Sleeve: 57cm

Inseam Sleeve: 44cm

Condition: B

In really good condition but only downfall is that the inner composition tag has come off. It’s now pinned on, as seen in the last photo

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