Blackmeans Mohair Brushed Slash & Sew Knit


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Founded back in 2008, by Yujiro Komatsu, Blackmeans has became the label behind the symbol of rebellion and freedom. Paying homage to the 70’s and 80’s punk rock aesthetic, Komatsu himself is a fierce advocate for self-expression. In his work, he adopted more grungy colors, abstract design techniques and high-end materials what makes the brand a radical brand apart from the rest. Blackmeans has, more-or-less, perfected the art of leather craftsmanship, forging each garment by hand in the surrounding streets of Tokyo.

This particular knit is a super hairy, grungy vibe silhouette with a wider neck and sleeves, contrast printed grid and has a super unique sewing construction. 

55% Acrylic / 30% Nylon / 15% Mohair

Super Soft & Hairy Silhouette

Extraordinary Sewed

Undertone Grey/Blue With Brown Stripes

Wider Neck

Wide Sleeves

Two Slip Front Pockets

Made In Japan

Size: 3 – Fits Medium Up To A Large

P2P: 56cm

Length: 68cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 55cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 50cm

Condition: B+
This top is in a really good condition with small signs of wear. No major damages!