Bottega Veneta New Original 12 In Neon Wrap-Around Pair Of Sunglasses


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Sometimes it’s beneficial to look at things from a different perspective. And now you’ll see the world through these Bottega Veneta Eyewear sunglasses. Everything seems much better, right? Daniel Lee, Head Creative of Bottega Veneta until 2021, maintained the brand’s emphasis on well-crafted logo-less and simplicity-driven products. 

This pair of sunglasses of is in Bottega neon green, super oversized, a wrap-around silhouette, with the iconic Bottega style.

Bottega Green

Round Wrap-Around Frame

Green/Grey Tinted Lenses

Logo Plague At The Arm

Oversized Legs

Curved Tips

Made In Japan

Comes with a replaced case

Condition: S

This pair of sunglasses is a new condition!