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Dolce & Gabbana Distressed Denim Jacket Rubbed in Dessert


Distressed and Gabbana, this denim jacket has been through seemingly a lot. We’re talking years of abusive use, being dragged through the dirt and stabbed with pocket knives. Or at least that’s what they want you to think. Underneath all that decal, there’s a proper pattern stitched onto the piece making you wonder why they even distressed it from the beginning. Double the work no? But man it is a hefty piece to have. The fit is Gabbana narrow, you gotta say goodbye to your curves if you wanna wear this piece, or never have them from the beginning.

100% Cotton


100% Cotton

Lampo Zippers

Zipped Pockets

Stitch work



Two Inner Pockets

Marked a size IT44

P2P: 45cm

Length: 66cm

Outseam Sleeve: 63cm

Inseam Sleeve: 45cm

Condition: D

Distressed but intentionally, a lot of signs of wear and that’s it’s beauty, no holes though

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