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Dolce & Gabbana S/S ’02 Danza 3000 Pants


Got a potty mouth? Or potty lips down there? Maybe they need a washing, but we didn’t say it, Dolce & Gabbana is definitely suggesting it with their all-over pop-art design of a fictional washing powder brand, because of course, let’s avoid the legalities. The cut of the pants is very 80s, tight on the thighs and flared on the bottom. This all-over pop-art print is quintessential of Dolce & Gabanna’s youth-oriented but discontinued line: D&G. It was made to be wearable and casual with designs to ignite flash fires of lush among teenage fashion fanatics. Though you’d wonder how kinky washing powder is. 

100% Cotton 

All-over Danza 3000 Washing Powder Print

Flared Bottoms


D&G Stamped Back Patch

Two Front and Back Pockets

Made in Italy

Spring/Summer 2002

Marked a size 29

(High) Waist: 74cm

Length: 110cm

Inseam: 83cm

Condition: B+

The colours are still incredibly vibrant and there are not much signs of use at all

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