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General Research F/W’01 ‘The Seven Dwarfs’ T-shirt


A ironic t-shirt with the world wide famous ‘Seven Dwarfs’. General Research is the predecessor label to Kobayshi Setsumasa’s new label Mountain Research. The brand underwent a transformation and now focuses more on utilitarian and functional garment that one might find useful under harsh weather conditions and in campgrounds. The former labels design ethos was more focused on everyday use. Furthermore, General Research with Kobayshi always had a ironical view on the world and played with it on their garments. 

100% Cotton

Seven Dwarfs Text From Print

Design with Explanation Print on the Back

General Research Branding on the Hem

Thick Collar

Boxy Fit

From Fall / Winter 2001

Made in Japan

Size Medium (Fits True to Size)

P2P: 50cm

Length: 65cm

Condition: B

This tee is considering its age in a good condition. There is a feeling of wear and the inside label has been faded. No major damages!

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