General Research F/W’96 Sewn On ‘3D Square’ Heavy Knit


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General Research is the predecessor label to Kobayshi Setsumasa’s new label Mountain Research. The brand underwent a transformation and now focuses more on utilitarian and functional garment that one might find useful under harsh weather conditions and in campgrounds. The former labels design ethos was more focused on everyday use. Furthermore, General Research with Kobayshi always had an ironical view on the world and played with it on their garments. 

100% Wool

Super Thick & Heavy

Big Sewn On Off White Square

Cuffed Collar, Hem and Sleeves

Style: ‘112’

From 1996

Made in Japan

Size: Free – Fits a Large / X-Large (Please Refer To Measurements)

P2P: 60cm

Length: 72cm

Outeam Sleeve Length: 65cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 55cm

Condition: B

Considering this knit is 27 years old, its in great condition with small signs of wear. There are no noticeable stains, just some minor peeling!