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Gianni Versace 90s Multicolor Medusa Head Button Down Shirt


As we all know, the era of Gianni Versace was gold, and hard to surpass, even for Donna Della Versace. The man had a unique eye to turn ‘bougie’, over the top clothing into Haute Couture. Shirts by the man himself are hard to come by and definitely a eye catcher. This particular shirt is has a vertical multicolor silhouette with Medusa heads on the buttons. Unique yet super dope and definitely a piece of history

100% Cotton

Vertical Multicolor Print

Golden Medusa Head Button Down

Medusa Head Buttoned Sleeves

Boxy Fit

From Gianni’s Versace Era

From The Early 90s

Made in Italy

Size: Medium – Fits a Large (Please Refer to Measurements)

P2P: 55cm

Length: 76cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 57cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 52cm

Mode: 191cm

Condition: B 

This shirt is considering its age in a very good condition with small signs of wear. No major damages

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