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Gianni Versace Jeans Couture Late 80s New York Manhattan City Camp Shirt


Sideways with the Vogue & Rolls Royce collection, the New York collection is probably one most iconic and sought after collection of Gianni Versace. We had this piece for quite a while and we were doubting to sell it, unfortunately, it doesn’t fit! This piece, as part of the New York collection, has many iconic visuals presenting New York in the 80s was all about. The shirt itself plays with the mind with its black and white front and very colorful back. Gianni Versace had much rather immense love for the USA back in the 80s and 90s. From his vision, he saw the USA as the country of possibilities, the country where fashion probably will be bigger than where ever in the world. Was he wrong? That doesn’t matter! This piece is a great collector piece for any who loves Gianni’s work. Rest In Peace Legend!

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100% Cotton
Throughout Iconic New York Prints All-over
Black & White Front
Multicolor Back
Boxy Fit
By Gianni Versace
Highly Achievable
Late 1980s
Made in Italy

Size: Large
P2P: 55cm
Length: 65cm

Condition: B+
Considering this shirt is 33 years old it is in a extremely good condition with small signs of wear. No major damages!

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