Gucci By Tom Ford Black Leather Interlocking ‘G’ Gloves


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These all-out sexiness fitting gloves feature the iconic Interlocking ‘G’, first seen light in the Spring / Summer 1997 collection by Tom Ford. The style he adopted can be described as a blend of chic and sexy, where he knew to deliver simple looks that pack a punch and clearly stand the test of time. 

Shell: 100% Leather

Lining: 100% Silk

Black Colorway
Silver Interlocking ‘G’ Hardware In A Harness

Elastic Fit-On 

By Tom Ford

From The Early 00s

Made In Italy

Size: 7 (Please Refer To Measurements)

Total Length: 23cm
Wrist Circumference: 16cm

Thumb To Wrist: 16cm

Condition: B+

Considering Its age (20 years old), this pair of gloves is in a extremely good condition with minor signs of wear!