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Gucci by Tom Ford FW’99 Fitted Jacket


’99 galore, this infamous year gave precedent to the slim-fitting and nonchalant Gucci lady in all her sophistication. This jacket is narrowed to give a lean silhouette, evident in the panelling on the inside and struts with Gucci-engraved hardware. The overall hue of this jacket is black with undertones of navy

54% Linen

46% Cotton

Tom Ford Era

From 1999

Gucci Engraved Buttons

Zipped Breast Pockets

Front Flap Pockets

Slim Fit

Marked a size 38

P2P: 40 cm

Length: 57 cm

Outseam Sleeve: 60 cm

Inseam Sleeve: 40 cm

This piece is in good condition with minor fading and buttons with slight signs of discolouration

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