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Hysteric Glamour ‘For Ages 5 And Over’ Heavy Knitted Masterpiece


A unique piece of art, sophisticated by Hysteric Glamour. Featuring a heavy knitted construction, the silhouette falls perfectly in-between a cardigan and a Cowichan. Furthermore, this piece has several different fabric usages in the form of patches and lettering on the front and back. The front patch reminds us of varsity jackets, a style Hysteric Glamour dominates with, and the back piece gives a reference to toys with its familiar age limit.

43% Wool
27% Cotton
30% Acrylic
Heavy & Thick Construction
Front Cowichan Button Down
Branding on Back & Buttons
High School Front Patch
Back ‘Hysteric’ Patched Terry Cloth Patches
Pierced Doll Patch
Contrasted Cuff, Hem & Collar

Size: Free – Fits a Small
P2P: 44cm
Length: 58cm
Outseam Sleeve Length: 65cm
Inseam Sleeve Length: 47cm

This Cowichan is in great condition with small signs of wear. No major damages or defaults

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