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Hysteric Glamour Forest in the Clouds Cardigan


An exquisite piece of woven art, this cardigan utilises mixed media to create textures that look as if it’s an abstract forest in the clouds, with its furry patches of trees, thick white clouds, and layers of peat soil. The fit is oversized, giving it an adorable style that can both be hyper cool and sweet, especially with its over dangling sleeves. It is a delicate piece, so beware with how you wear it. The gauge is quite wide so it is highly vulnerable to being caught onto sharp joints. But man, what a knit!

40% Nylon

39% Acrylic

10% Wool

8% Mohair 

3% Polyester


Hysteric Glamour Engraved Buttons

Mixed Media Structure

Oversized Fit

Marked a “free size”

P2P: 50cm

Length: 64cm

Outseam sleeve length: 70cm

Inseam sleeve length: 52cm

Condition: B-

Considering the delicate nature of this piece, we marked it a B- because there are signs of imperfections throughout although we think it’s intentional. With loads of wear it will show signs of use and loose threads.

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