Hysteric Glamour ‘Heavy’ 00s Black Biker Jacket


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The label became insanely populair in Japan, back in the 90s being heavily influenced by the Harajuku style in Tokyo from the 80s and 90s. Kitamura, founder of the brand, leaned towards “anti-fashion” back in the days being informed by rock-and-roll rebellion and breaking tailoring traditions. The brands vision was counter-cultural streetwear long before the term came to characterize a movement as it is is now-a-days.

The diffusion line of Hysteric Glamour ‘Heavy’ focused on a more workwear aesthetic, adopted from the classic American style. This specifiek jacket translates perfectly the edginess the label wants to show to world. Hard leather, silver hardware and a very punk-aesthetic.

100% Calfs Leather

Classic A-Symmetrical Thick Biker Zipper

Three Zipped Front Pockets

One Buttoned From Pocket

Belt Closure Near Waist

Zip-Down Sleeves

Commando Shoulder Straps

Branding On The Hardware

‘Hysteric’ Branding On The Sleeve

From The Early 00s

‘Heavy’ Line

Made In Korea

Size: Free – Fits EU36/38 / X-Small/Small for Men (Please Refer To Measurements)

P2P: 45cm

Length: 51cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 55cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 40cm

Condition: B

This jacket is in a really good condition with small signs of wear. The leather is still butter smooth!