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Hysteric Glamour Trip or Trap Satin Sukajan

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An hybrid between east and west, combining letter jackets and silky embroidery, the sukajan is a souvenir jacket that came to be popularised in Japan as the “bad boy” jacket, an oxymoronic taste of emanating masculinity with sensual… decadent and soft fabric. Plastered on the back is a massive embroidery of “Trip or Trap,” of which research has only led us to an anti-acid film of the late 60s, where taking acid was warned to make you have deformed babies. Well. How times have changed! Although we don’t have a baby yet.. Now, the front, of course what is HG without these sexy girls? Embroidered into a circle frame and the zip hanger is literally an electric guitar with yet another sexy girl embossed onto it, so she can go up and down you any time 😉 Luxurious and oh-so-cool, the colour way of chrome and black pearl.

100% Polyester


52% Acrylic

23% Wool

17% Rayon

8% Polyester

Two Front Pockets

Massive Back Embroidery “Trip or Trap”
Front Embroidery of HG Sexy Girl

Electric Guitar Zip Hanger

Marked a “free size”

P2P: 47 cm

Length: 61 cm

Inseam Sleeve: 48 cm
Outseam Sleeve: 58 cm

This sukajan is in really good condition with little signs of wear, save for light discolouration on the shoulder piping, as can be seen in the picture

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