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Issey Miyake Pleats King Crab High Neck


Based on the concepts of light and compact, comfortable, easy to style and care for, this shirt is simply for those who wanna live life effortlessly. Legend has it if you balled this top up and hold it to your ears, you’ll hear the sound of waves crashing. JK. Although that is not happening, the print is incredibly detailed yet abstract, formed of vibrant sea motifs reflected in a kaleidoscope. This fit is surely going to be sensuous, as the fabric is pleated it provides ample room for thrice its visual size, draping and ruching on your body as it finds appropriate.

100% Polyester
Double-Sided Sea Motif Print
High Neck
Short Sleeve
Very Detailed Made
Easy Maintenance

Marked a size 3 – One Fits All (Please Refer to Measurements)
P2P: 43 cm
Length 53 cm
Very stretchable

This top is in great condition with small signs of wear

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