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Issey Miyake Sea Foam Fishnet


In a fresh gradient of sea foam, pleasingly rounded in the corners, this tank is perfect for the opening up of this Christmas for a sweaty summer vacation. Or a sweaty club night? The iconic pleats structure is now transformed into a fish net, fascinating to stare at, as it accordions in and out with your body movement. Great for layering or as a stand alone, an unique piece that speaks for itself. The pleats please line is an innovative way of clothing oneself, taking up minute space and being naturally wrinkle-resistant. 

67% Polyester

33% Cotton

Pleats Please Line

Fish Net Structure

Sea Foam Gradient

Super Stretchy

Great for Layering

Marked a size 3

P2P: 45cm (unstretched)

Length: 50cm

Condition: A

No signs of wear at all

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