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Istante by Versace Exotic Flora Dress Set


How casual yet decadent is this dress? No doubt it’s by Gianni Versace himself, creating Istante to represent what he felt was a theatre of social changes during the 80s, leading to a contemporary brand to suit the volatility of life. It’s complete with rich floral graphics that pop out even more with their black background, and a pulsing Ferrari red underneath, draping down your body without hugging it too desperately. The backless cut features a diagonal bias and twirling on your neck is a matching scarf or even ponytail band, feels like when you get haribos as a surprise in your package! Man, this dress definitely defies the idea of suffering for beauty, it’s comfy as hell

59% Rayon

33% Acetate

8% Nylon

Front Drape

Backless with Diagonal Bias Cut

Matching Scarf

Versace’s Spinoff Brand

Made in Italy

Marked a size IT44

P2P: 48cm

Length: 83

Condition: B-

In great overall condition but has a small tear that needs to be fixed, would cost max 20 euros, seen in the last photo

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