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Jelado “North Africa” Sukajan


Started by Yohei Goto, the man started the brand from a deep passion for Americana vintage. As a true obsessive collector, he archives vintage pieces and patterns for reproduction under the utmost highest quality by Japanese standard. As a faithful practitioner, all his pieces are perfectly imperfect, having undergone wrinkling and ageing techniques that do not necessarily distress the clothes since they still feel utterly new, rather, it gives off dead-stock vibes. This piece is beautiful, with hand embroidered details front, back, and on both biceps, and who can resist this insane fantasy of “North Africa” presented in such an artisanal way? (BTW, there are no more lions in North Africa as this sukajan suggeststhey killed them off, just as the camel’s eyes are rolling about). The colours are fresh and lively, with an inside diamond quilt that gives a luxurious and old school feel, as if you’re inside a vintage car. Tap to shop or visit!

Main Body:
100% Acetate


100% Polyester


44% Cotton

44% Polyester

12% Boliurethane 

Hand Embroidered Details

Front and Back Embroidery

Made in Japan

Two Inner Pockets

Exclusive and Rare

Size: M

P2P: 54cm

Length: 61cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 80cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 62cm

Condition: N

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