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Moschino Jeans 90s Cat Cut Bomber


It’s time to channel your inner feline! And no, it’s not about scratching your human when they’re trying to take something out of your eye. In a wide, cropped fit with extra long sleeves, wearing this jacket feels so comfortable and is easily compatible with your pants or skirts. The front can seem plain but that’s the beauty of it, it can bring out your choice of bottoms but once you turn around, it’ll be all about this cat you got on your back

100% Polyester

Franco Moschino Era

From the 1990s

Boxy Fit


Two Front Pockets

Bat Wing Sleeves

Printed Cat on Back

Fits a size S to M women

P2P: 52cm

Length: 49cm

Outseam Sleeve: 54cm

Inseam Sleeve: 42cm

Condition: B+

In great condition considering that it’s white and there are no stains in sight, and that the back print is in great condition. We chose B+ because there is a general feel of it being older. 

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