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Prada ’18 Triangle Plaque Visor Bucket Hat


The body of this bucket hat is a clean white canvas, blingged with Prada’s iconic triangle plaque in titanium white. WIth a deep structure, the fit gives a protective inbuilt visor for you to survey your surroundings. Super futuristic. What if in the future this PVC brim becomes a second screen for you to view the statistics of life around you, the identity of those you pass by, or monitoring your heart rate? Or it becomes a display for augmented reality, a way to access someone’s creative canvas or another source of potential annoyance where you have to download an AR commercial blocker for clarity. Eitherway, I digress, fact is the fit is fire and it’s simultaneously elegant, minimal, and ultramodern. 

100% Cotton Body

100% PVC Trim

From 2018

Prada Iconic Plaque

Deep Fit

Visor Feature

Marked a size M

Fits a head circumference of around 56 to 57cm

Condition: N

This hat is in new condition, still with tags, and comes with its original box.

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