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Prada Linea Rossa “Block of Prada”


Augh, Prada, your visions!! This tubular bag features a rubber footing with the inscribed Linea Rossa formed with nylon piped into rounded edges, materialising this structural dream. Setting it across the apartment in front of the window makes us feel like it’s 4D rendered. Despite serving its function as a vehicle for your items, it also functions as a piece of interior decor

Body: 100% Nylon

Bottom: 100% Rubber PVC

Thick Straps

Structurally Sound


Big Golden Zip

One Big Zipped Compartment

From the Early 00s

Height: 17cm

Width: 21cm

Depth: 9cm

Shoulder Drop: 17cm

Condition: B+

In great condition without signs of much wear

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