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Prada Netted Waist Cincher


Behold, the projection of our Western-idealised female form, one with curves that create an hourglass effect, which to be honest, does not necessarily reflect the reality of female form, that is diverse. Anyways, this waist cincher is the perfect tool to create and reinforce an hourglass effect in your silhouette, especially with heavier fabrics/textures that are by nature loose and drapey since its construction is made out of light but sturdy leather panelling. With this purchase, you’re buying an accessory that should suit a dominant part of your wardrobe and enhance your fashion identity like MSG for food. Insane and surely waiting to be beloved and cherished by the right person.

100% Leather Trim

100% Polyester Net

Panelled Construction

Two Adjustable Belts

Made in Italy

Fits Flat Waist: 32 to 34cm

So, that would be perfect for a 64-68cm waist

Full Length of Belt: 80cm

Height: 16 cm at max

Condition: A

In great condition, few to no signs of wear and comes with its original dustbag

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