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Undercover S/S ’13 Psycho Killer Jumper


nterwoven into the jumper, Jun Takahashi draws inspiration from Talking Head’s PsychoKiller track. The jumper compiles manic scribbles, and punk cries directly quoted from their track: fafafa, better run, run run run away, with barely legible French, c’est ce que c’est. It sets a tone as if you’ve stumbled upon someone’s diary in an abandoned asylum. Grungy and dark, the clean cut of the jumping is a massive contrast to these writings but provide a sick long narrow silhouette

100% Wool

Manic Scribbles Details


Long Silhouette

Elasticated Hems

Size: 2 – Fits Medium

P2P: 51cm

Length: 60cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 64cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 51cmm

Condition: B+

In really good condition, with few signs of wear

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