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Undercover S/S’16 ‘The Greatest’ Rolling Stones Distressed Button Down Shirt


Jun Takahashi’s Undercover collections usually have a message, but you don’t have to get his deeper meanings to appreciate what he does. Takahashi talked about righteous aggression in his Spring / Summer 2016 Collection. “The people need to be strong,” he said. His backstage sentiments jibed with a soundtrack that featured a live version of the Rolling Stones’s song for the have-nots, “Salt of the Earth.” In another sign he’s down with the people, he co-opted low-culture concert T-shirts for high-fashion purposes. The Stones’s young faces stared out from inside the four suits of a card deck on button down shirt. Furthermore, this shirt is distressed, has all the band members on the buttons and is such high quality made. 

Silhouette: 55% Silk / 45% Cotton

Partly: 100% Silk

Distressed on the Sides

Chest Pocket 

Playing Cards Fantasy

Keith Richards on the Bag

All Band Members on the Buttons

‘The Greatest Collection’

From Spring / Summer 2016

Made in Japan

Size: 1 – Small (Please Refer to Measurements)

P2P: 46cm

Length: 70cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 54cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 43cm

Condition: B

This shirt is in a very good condition with small signs of wear. No major damages!

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