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UNDERCOVER Suburban Youth Anniversary Tee


This tee and design was set to celebrate the reopening of UNDERCOVER’s new store in Nagoya, with this new-store-exclusive series on the “suburban youth.” The surreal dimensionality of the piece is definitely due to the chiaroscuro effect Caravaggio is best known for, of which his paintings were also featured with the UNDERCOVER Paris Fashion Week in 2019. The accompanying text epitomises the philosophical dreaminess of Jun Takahashi: “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” hinting to the merging between physical and virtual reality of today.

100% Cotton

Nagoya-Store Exclusive

Caravaggio Front Print

Signature UNDERCOVER Quotation Play

Marked a size M
P2P: 48 cm
Length: 70 cm

This shirt is in good condition with normal signs of wear

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