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Walter van Beirendonck W&LT Denim Skin-Orange Flesh Set

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What started with a bang, van Beirendonck’s W&LT collections in the 1990s were a portal into an utopian cyber universe with crazy characters transcending homo sapiens resemblance, outfits redefining beauty, and social messages radiating love. Nevertheless, the business side of things was not at all aligned. Stuck with a contract that did not allow him to design under his own name for five years, van Beirendonck struggled with yielding to the more commercial side of the industry but eventually left!

Here is a piece of history from a turbulent time with sincerity in design to spread the message stamped on the back PVC patch: “Kiss the future!” With elements of the otherworldly craziness typical of W&LT: slapping colour in the orange dyed denim, a plastic pop-up lighting strike, and embroidered bolts on the back pocket, this easy-to-wear exception is subtle yet loud, a walking oxymoron waiting to be trotted around in, radiating positivity, and instigating smiles

100% Cotton
1997 W&LT
Thunderbolt Deets
High-Waisted Skirt
Cropped Bustier

P2P: 40 cm
Length: 26 cm
Marked a size s
Waist: 72 cm
Length: 47 cm

This set is in really good condition with normal signs of wear

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