About Us

Direct Vintage is but a name that is given to two individuals that, in the simplest terms, scour and sell. Each of our unique personal tastes are determinant factors to the curation of DV. Although we may not always agree on what we resell, that is our edge, we want to offer all forms of art, as taste is diverse. There is no denying that we both are materialistic beings that seek meaning through matter. It brings us tremendous joy to see and touch wearable art, to the point where we conceive our business as an act of collecting and documenting before selling it to fuel someone else’s joy and our obsessive hobby. It is a funny evolution that the majority of our purchases are within the digital-verse, where we can find things that once was buried in niche worlds, requiring much more privilege to obtain. So, we dig through the vast availability of second-hand clothing out there to find things that touch us and/or others

Our Vision

Today, we are constantly exposed to various ways of being in forms of clothing, each envisioned by practitioners of fashion and what inspires them. We are particularly attracted to high-quality items that maintain value through time, and that is why the majority of our items are higher-end brands. It tends to have lower depreciation rates because it can last longer, allowing our clients to also resell to others and give the items new life once more, as we can all agree, identity is ever-evolving. Thanks to the trickling effect, we are able to source individual items that use to be part of a greater collection, or collective of being, offering a piece of a jigsaw for other individuals to form their own unique identity from it. Likewise, this is our vision. We hope to offer pieces that can form our client’s identity and how they see themselves or wish for others to perceive of them. This leads us to the socio-cultural dimensions of belonging, so in a way, we hope our selection can help our clients connect to others by attracting similarities or creating intrigue. Ultimately, fashion allows individuals to share themselves with others openly through their choice of clothing.

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