Gucci F/W’18 Scarlet “Dances With Daffodils” Skull Embroidery Shirt


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 Gucci’s collections under Alessandro Michele had often featured eclectic and whimsical elements, with rich storytelling and references to various cultural and artistic influences.  

For this particular shirt from Gucci’s Fall / Winter 2018 collection, Michelle took inspiration from the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth.  The poem describes the experience of the speaker encountering a field of daffodils and the impact it has on their mood and inner state.

In the context of the poem, “dances with the daffodils” symbolizes a sense of joy, delight, and a harmonious connection with nature. The speaker’s heart is so filled with pleasure and happiness that it metaphorically dances along with the daffodils. 

This shirt is beautifully crafted of a thick viscose and cotton mix with a huge back embroidery in the form of text, a skull and a snake. The skull laughs with rhinestones attached to his teeth

58% Viscose

42%  Cotton

Super Soft & Thick Silhouette

Classic Brown Button Down

Pointy Collar

Big Back Text Embroidery

Skull n Snake Embroidery With Rhinestones

Gucci Branding On The Back

From Fall / Winter 2018

By Alessandro Michelle

Made In Italy

Size: 48 – Fits A Medium To Large (Please Refer To Measurements)

P2P: 53cm
Length: 70cm

Outseam Sleeve Length: 65cm

Inseam Sleeve Length: 49cm

Condition: B

This shirt is in a good condition with small signs of wear. No damages!